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January 26, 2009



Dear Irene - it seems to me that all philojudaic Gentiles, at this time, should seriously consider acquiring, and wearing, a Star of David, either on an item of clothing or as a badge or item of jewellery; and displaying one on letterbox, doorpost or car bumper bar. That way, the level of solidarity would become visible. The more such people do so, the better.

It is the least that we (I and other philojudaic Gentiles) can do, in light of the fact that the blogosphere has been full of deeply disturbing reports about the extreme level of hatred and incitement in the anti-Jewish anti-Israel demonstrations, all over the western world, earlier this month.

Even in provincial Brisbane town, in sunny Queensland, Australia, a very disturbing conversation was reported in a newspaper talkback:


- Jonathan Whybird
- Mon 19 Jan 09 (05:24pm)

"On Saturday [17th Jan] in Brisbane there was another demonstration in favour of Palestine

"at which anybody who bothered to go

(I live in the city and they marched in my street so I had a front row ground level seat as my fiance and I had come back from a run)

"would have heard Muslim Australians chanting “kill the jews”.

"I even spoke to one protestor who confirmed he was Muslim and from Iran

" who said there would only be peace when Israel and the rest of the west was destroyed.

"Now this man was supported by many of his fellow protestors who screamed with him,

" but for three men in the crowd who shook their heads and at that point left the protest (and apologised to us for the comments of the others).

"When I asked the man why he hated the west he said “because you reject the prophet”." END QUOTE

Israel and the Jews stand on the front line; but the rest of us - Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, animists, everybody - are next on the 'to-do' list of the jihad-minded and sharia-minded.

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