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June 28, 2008



'Next year in Jerusalem!'

Amen to that, Irene! And what a malicious comment from that 'senior member of the Church of England' about the Gafcon delegates. How does HE know their views? Methinks he underestimates the renaissance of Zionism within Anglican ranks arising from awareness of the debt Christians owe to the Jewish people.

Replacement Theology is under seige in the Church of England. Today I read a fine rebuttal of Stephen Sizer's latest attack on Christian Zionists, written by Alex Jacob of CMJ. (By the way, CMJ will be celebrating its 200th birthday next year - 200 years of Anglican support for the restoration of the Jews to their ancient homeland.)

GAFCON has attracted a great deal of malice from its inception. Andrew Brown's comments in this week's Church Times read as though written by a man with a sneer on his face; and as for some of the comments on Ruth Gledhill's blog - well, talk about acid!

I wonder what it is about GAFCON that raises the liberal dander so much? After all, a few years ago, liberal churchmen were piously telling us how important it is that we listen to the African wing of the Church from whom we in the developed world could learn so much. And the liberals were correct in this.

It's a different story, though, when African Christians want to challenge the sacred cows of the Guardian (and Independent)readers within the C of E ranks. How dare these Africans talk about God! How dare they assert the authority of the Scripture over humanism! Suddenly African Christians become 'primitive' and 'crude' in their faith. Patronising - obviously yes. But a little more, I think. Racism is never far under the surface of such comments. After all, just look at the Guardian - whose Comment is Free columns regularly carry just the sort of poisonous discourse about Israel criticised by the APPC on Anti-Semitism.

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