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February 10, 2008



Thanks for this Irene. I'm finding this a bit worrying, as, apart from the invitation to lunch, I find it aggressive in tone, almost threatening. I also find it has deployed arguments raised as critiques used by detractors; learning to deflect. There's no hint of 'oops! I got it wrong...' but rather: defiance, and arrogance. This suggests he will not give way easily for calls for his resignation.

The other thing I'm finding worrying, is the lack of comment from academic lawyers. Maybe this is for 'legal' reasons? But something makes me feel they are somehow colluding, and in assent.

On a more positive note, I am heartened by the 'moderate' Muslims who have suddenly appeared out of the woodwork saying they definitely DON'T want sharia. A gentleman in the Times yesterday made this point, and added, (quite right), that the Archbishop of Canterbury held no representative authority over him.

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