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January 30, 2008


Denis MacEoin

Irene, thank you for providing a link to the interview with Riah (you don't happen to know with whom, do you?). On the basis of those statements, I cannot understand why this monstrous individual can call himself a Christian, let alone a bishop. His obvious siding with terrorism alone strikes me as sufficient reason to defrock him. Or don't morals cpount any more within the Anglican church. When paedophile priests are brought to book for their acvts, why can a man who turns a blind eye to terrorism be allowed to walk around proclaiming he is the true Israel. As for his astonishingly naive, 'tickle me, then kill me' attitude to Islam, I am speechless. Can't Williams act the man and get rid of him?


Denis MacEoin, you are mistaking the Anglican Communion with the Roman Catholic Communion (the one headed by the guy in Rome, Italy), and both with a modern business company. You cannot sack a bishop: bishops are the heads of their respective local churches and are, collectively, the successors of the Apostles. In the Anglican Church, there is no mechanism for removing even the guiltiest of criminal bishops. In the Catholic Church, only the Pope, as successor of Peter, head of the Apostles, has the power to do so, and even so, he only does so in absolutely desperate circumstances. The Pope has his own Jerusalem nightmare, the crazed Latin Patriarch Michel Sabbah, a regrettable adjunct of the Palestinian Authority who has not said a word about the destruction of Palestinian Christianity while he ranted and raved against Israel. I think that by now Rome has become convinced that the experiment with making a local man Patriarch has comprehensively failed, and that the next Patriarch is likely to be an Italian or at any rate not an Arab.

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