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January 05, 2008



Dear Irene

as regards Kuentzel's book. He picks up on some disturbing connections. But Muslim antisemitism is a lot older, and deeper, than the sources that Kuentzel identifies. Hatred of Jews, in Islam, is ultimately modelled upon the example of Mohammed himself.

Please read Robert Spencer's "The Truth About Muhammad", in particular his analysis of what happened to the Jews of the Khaybar Oasis, and to the Banu Nadir, and the Banu Qurayza.

Very soon Andrew Bostom - author of the comprehensive historical anthology, "The Legacy of Jihad" - will be bringing out a new book entitled, "The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism". The cover picture is a 19th century painting inspired by the martyrdom of Sol Hachuel in Morocco in 1834.

Look up that story. Sol's Muslima 'friend' claimed, falsely, that Sol had converted to Islam; when Sol denied doing this, indignantly affirming her Jewish faith, the Muslims of Morocco rose up in rage, accusing her of 'apostasy' (i.e. they believed the 'friend's' lie, so, Sol saying she was Jewish could only mean she had returned to Judaism from Islam!). In the end Sol, steadfastly asserting that she had never converted to Islam, and that she always was and would remain Jewish, was publicly executed by the Muslim authorities. Even at the last, as she faced the executioner, with the Muslims yelling at her that she would not be killed if only she would 'return' to Islam, she did not flinch: but defiantly recited the Shema Yisroel. She was seventeen.

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