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June 30, 2007




I brought a school party to Haifa in 1997 to see the astonishingly beautiful gardens which the Bahais have built around their founder's tomb.

These gardens must rank amongst the most spectacular in the world simply because of their situation on MtCarmel sloping down to Haifa, with glorious views to the Mediterranean.

That said, the Bahais who watched over Baha'ullah's tomb were amongst the most unfriendly and humourless people I have ever encountered. Upon meeting my particularly respectful, quiet and well behaved group of students, their attitude was most unwelcoming.

My students had been welcomed at principal Jewish, Christian and Muslim sites in Israel and the Palestinian Authority, and had impressed our guide and our hosts of all faiths with their quiet and respectful behaviour. They were astonished by the sourness of the Bahais they encountered.

What a shame.


Thanks, that is interesting. From my very brief reading, I understand that Bahai is some kind of sect of Islam.

Do they integrate and attend ordinary schools/universities in Haifa, Irene?

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