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September 20, 2006



Sorry Irene.

I can't welcome this speech, for I think it has altogether wrong assumptions at its core.

For instance, when Lord Carey says

"That the people in Palestine have voted in a certain way by knowingly electing a party associated with terrorism should not automatically frighten us."

Who can he mean by "us"? Anglicans in Britain? The world in general? He can't mean Israelis, or world Jewry, to whose destruction Hamas is pledged!

And what can he mean by saying that

"Hamas has HAD a political agenda which has expressed itself in violence?"

Hamas' CURRENT manifesto states that it desires the obliteration of the State of Israel.

Apparently Lord Carey invites us to think that the Palestinians' decision to elect a terrorist organisation bent on the destruction of their neighbour wasn't such a bad thing after all.

Well, this is one invitation I'm declining because I think Hamas' election was an awful development.

And while Lord Carey may be correct in thinking that many Muslims may disagree with the METHODS of the terrorists, I think he's wrong to assume that they don't share the desire to see Israel destroyed. How fast this week's demonstrations against the Pope's speech across the Muslim world turned into another hate-fest against the US and Israel!

Lord Carey is a gentle and well meaning man. But I don't think he's got a clue about the depth of hatred for the west and for Jews that exists in the Muslim world.

And it's depressing to see that he's still blaming the West, the West, the West for this hatred.

More appeasement anyone?

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