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May 30, 2006



For what it's worth, Afula's Ha'Emek hospital which serves some 500,000 people has an Arab as chief of Cardiology. Then again one of the Supreme Court Judges is an Arab.
A Druse woman entrepreneur was honored this past Independence Day in front of the whole country, for her industrial success producing soaps from olive oil, by being invited to light one of the twelve torches at the opening ceremony.

Tomorrow Shavuot starts and the Israelis who are Jewish are going crazy shopping for dairy products to put on their tables.
While Palestinians are killing alleged collaboraters, Israelis are celebrating their agricultural feats with TV showing off the cherries they now cultivate in this mainly desert region,
and a religiously observant woman scientist with seven children has just announced a new technique she pioneered to identify HIV and Hepatitus C infections in a matter of days instead of waiting the usual weeks and months for the antibodies to appear.

Hag Sameach.


What a riveting account of this meeting, Irene. Well done for speaking up as you did in such an intimidating atmosphere.

Such lies as Sizer tells are commonplace in the Church of England, and it says much about the Dean and Chapter of Liverpool that they invited this man with his loathsome views and techniques of misrepresentation of the truth.

I hope this doesn't reflect the views of the Bishop of Liverpool, who I rather admire!

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