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September 12, 2008



Dear Irene,

Congratulations on the excellent work that you do. I am emailing you regarding an issue which will interest you.

I am an anonymous blogger, posting under the pseudonym of "The Maverick." I run a blog called "Seismic Shock," dedicated to exposing theological anti-Semitism.


Anglican vicar Stephen Sizer is probably the most prominent anti-Zionist Christian scholar in the world today. Sizer frequently opposes and demonises those who express support for Israel.

However, there is evidence of links between Stephen Sizer, and Holocaust deniers and Islamic fundamentalists. Various racist websites host articles written by him and anti-Semitic emails forwarded by him.

I invite you to look at this blog, and warn others of this dangerous figure, whose influential books have received rave reviews from around the globe.

Kind regards,

The Maverick


Hi Irene,

Glad to find your fascinating blog...I wonder if you've come across a new book by veteran JC journalist Meir Persoff? It's called Faith Against Reason and deals with the British chief rabbinate and its relationship to the non-orthodox movements. Take a look at https://www.thejc.com/node/6377 . It makes me wonder again, as a UK born olah, why on earth is there still a chief rabbi in the UK??
Shabbat shalom from Yerushalayim..https://jerusalemdiaries.blogspot.com

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