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April 29, 2008



As a rather secular and unobservant Jew, Pesach is a time for me to think of the richness, passion and thirst for righteousness that constitute the heritage of all Jews, and also of Jerusalem and Israel.

Irene: if you haven't heard of Barrie Wilson, a professor at York University (Toronto, Canada), you may be interested in the book he's just published: How Jesus Became Christian. Wilson, a professor of philosophy and theology was born an Episcopalian and converted to Judaism. He posits in his book, based on his studies and investigations, that Jesus never rejected Judaism. Instead, he pins the schism that occurred on Paul -- who never actually met Jesus although they were contemporaries -- who was the promoter of Jesus as the mytholocogical Christ figure and not as a wise and popular rabbi who was really more a thorn in the side of the Romans than anyone else.

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