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November 11, 2007


Dan @ Israel Uncensored News

In Jewish worldview, the word "philosopher" is highly derogatory since it implies disagreement with Judaism. Rambam held a different opinion, though. About the Annapolis conference, consider this https://samsonblinded.org/blog/our-black-plague.htm


YS indeed comes through as a man of above average intelligence. However, I have always had a feeling that his intelligence is quite unordered and he doesn't really hold any answers to our current problems.

But I could be wrong, of course.


YS is absolutely right that we should be aware of the fallibility of our supposed knowledge--we should all read the work of Karl Popper! But as a philosophy teacher, I say: God forbid philosophers should run Israel or anywhere else. Socrates stayed out of politics (though he acted honourably when it caught up with him). Plato had no luck in Sicily, and most people would not like his ideal society (though he asked all the right questions). Alexander, rightly, ignored Aristotle's advice to treat Greeks and "barbarians" differently. The best philosopher-politician was probably Masaryk in Czechoslovakia, but the bad guys were too much for him!

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