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June 14, 2007



Irene, I've already posted on Ruth G's blog my feelings on this.

To respond to some additional stuff you have here.

I suspect that there are some involved in a call for boycotts who are actually anti-semitic. But mostly I suspect they are just frustrated activists who see the lives of their Palestinian friends rapidly deproving (not sure if that is a word, apologies) and want to do something about it.

Unfortunately, the solidarity movements are mostly under a delusion that boycotting is the only effective tactic in town - whereas I think that it is probably the least effective thing that can be done, and stands the most chance of hurting those it is intended to help. No Palestinian academic is going to be helped by an Israeli academic boycott. The Palestinian economy is going to suffer from an Israeli boycott as the Palestinian economy is more tied to Israel than many care admit.

Regarding Dershovitz, I'm not sure how he can be so sure when he doesn't appear to actually know anyone involved in the boycott campaign. Having seen his debate with Finkelstein at Democracy Now! (having never heard of either before), I'm not really inclined to accept his word for anything very much.

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