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April 30, 2007



Please be careful:
RE: " reflected that from mid November to mid March there had been no lifeguard and the water had been perfectly safe most of the time. And some of us - mainly Russian - had swum at least twice a week."

There are whirlpools there quite near the shore. I once was caught in a very strong current which swept me outwards. A man near me could not fight it and I tried to drag him nearer to the shore, but had to shout for help. All on a Summer's day. Strangely there were other swimmers a few yards away in no distress. I barely made it to the beach myself. I once did the UK Bronze Medallion Course for Lifesaving from school!
Russians are great-- But they are not accustomed to our deceptive beaches. Pay attention only to Israeli Lifeguards please.
Otherwise, keep up the good work and Gezunt, Gezunt

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